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Welcome to the beating heart of Dview, where passion meets precision in redefining the data landscape. Our diverse team, from data engineers to domain experts, is committed to turning your data into actionable insights. With innovation at our core, we thrive on challenges, turning them into growth opportunities. Each collaboration is a partnership, tailored to exceed expectations. At Dview, success is celebrated collectively, nurturing individual growth in an environment where innovation flourishes. Join us on this journey as we harness the power of data to make dreams a reality.

Guiding Lights
Advisors And Mentors
Ankit Bhati
Co-Founder Amnic
Ex - Co-Founder OLA
Vineet Agarwal
Director at Moody's Analytics
Ex- CEO of SG Analytics
Dr. Chiranjiv Roy
VP of DS & Applied AI - Course5i
Ex- VP Data Science - Nissan Motor Corp.
Shubhanga Prasad
Partner - Betaplus Capital
Ex-COO of OakNorth Bank
Sathya Narayanan
Co-Founder Amnic
Ex-VP OLA Electric
Iat Chong Chan
ML/AI initiatives at OakNorth
Ex-ML scientist at Bloomberg
Our Team
The Backbone
Kauts Shukla
Surjodoy Ghosh
Director, Sales
Ajaypal Singh
Sr. Backend Engineer
Anubhav Johri
Sr. Full Stack Engineer
Akansha Gupta
Marketing & Creative Analyst
Sr. AI & Data Engineer
Miras Mujeeb
Frontend Engineer
Gourav Goyal
Company Secretary